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I’ve dived inside a number of Google Adwords campaigns over
the past month…

And one of the things that’s absolutely shocked me is the lack
of measurement.

I mean, seriously…

How the heck can you manage an Adwords campaign if you have
no idea how any of the metrics are converting?

You can’t.

And here’s a few facts which apply to any business…

80% of your business will come from 20% of your customers.

And most likely, if you dived in, you’d find 80% of your business
in any campaign…


… would be generated from 20% of your clicks.

But how can you know, if you don’t measure it?

Let’s crunch a few numbers…

Let’s imagine you’re spending $100k on Google ads, like my client is.

But you don’t know where your business is coming from.

Your stuck, right? Your hands are tied?

But what if you measured it, and discovered there was $200k in profit
being generated by that $100k ad spend.

Well, that’s a good thing… yeah?

And that’s where most would stop.

But what if we dived a little deeper and discovered that $160k of that
$200k in profit was being generated by just $20k in ad spend.

And that other $40k… was being generated by $80k or ad spend?

Based on that knowledge, you could make decisions… right?

For instance, you could cut your advertising spend from $100k a year
to $20k and pocket $140k.

Then you could take that other $80k and test it in other advertising
vehicles which are more profitable.

Please, don’t just measure the amount of clicks.

Dive deeper.

Work out the cost per conversion.

Be strategic about your clicks.

It’s worth thousands upon thousands of dollars to you.

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The other night, I caught up with one of my good mates.

He facilitates training programs for companies all over the world, and just happened
tobe doing one in my neck of the woods.

Anyway, he was telling me about one of the things that frustrated him about
training companies…

He said success in change management within companies all boils down to a few things…

1.    40% is the prep work beforehand – to make sure everyone is onboard
and to be certain of the objectives.

2.    40% is the actual training.

3.    And 20% is the follow up.

But the problem is, most companies only focus on the middle of the sandwich –
the actual training.

Well, I noticed something…

Copywriting is EXACTLY the same.

40% research and prep work
40% actual writing
20% editing (actually, I find the editing part is more than that).

If you shortcut any of these areas, your ad or sales letter will likely
fall flat on its face.

Remember, the writing is only a small part of any ad.

It’s the process behind the writing which makes it a winner.

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One of the things that always raises a red flag in my brain is when I hear these
wordsfrom marketers…

“You can get too obsessed with measurement”

I call BS on it.

It sounds like the newspapers of old, telling you that you need to advertise
for six months to “get the word out”…

Don’t think Google and Facebook ads are all that difference.

Think about it: what does everyone talk about these days?

Cost Per Click.

Click Through Rate.

But really, who gives a shit?

Sure, if you get more clicks you “might” get more sales… but what really
matters isn’t how many clicks you’re getting.

It’s the type of clicks you’re getting.

It’s about getting STRATEGIC clicks.

And then strategically working with those clicks to turn them into sales.

Because think about it…

One click from a buyer who’s asked the question…

“How do I find a copywriter”

Is 10x better than someone who’s done a generic search like…


Especially if you send them to the right page, which gets their attention.

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