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Lawnmower is being used by gardener for mowing grass

One of the best ways to compare your product with someone else’s is via the use of metaphor.

i.e. you could say…

When you compare our lawnmowers to the competition, ours is more sturdy and will last longer.

Or you could say…

You simply can’t compare our lawnmowers to most… it’s like putting an elegant limousine alongside
a stripped down economy car.

Here’s why:

And then you could continue to list off – with proof – all the reasons why your product or service
is a cut above.

But use a visual metaphor first, to really cut through.


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MelbourneAustralia-May 72015: Facebook page on the smartphone on table. Facebook is very well know social networking service founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg

I was thinking about Facebook Ads management the other day…

Because the measurement is much tougher than running an old school newspaper ad.

And then it hit me…

It’s kind of like being an advertiser who’s running ads in multiple publications.

For instance, with Facebook you can focus on interests.

i.e. you might have different campaigns to business owners, mums, and people who are interested in internet marketing… or
Harley Davidson’s for instance.

Well, that’s kind of like running an ad in an internet marketing magazine, a business owners magazine, and a mums magazine.

And you want to measure each very carefully to see what result you’re getting.

Sure, it’s a lot of work.

Just like picking 20 publications and comparing their results… in the Margaret Gee’s media guide would be (if you’re in

But it’s worth it, because odds are the 80/20 rule will play out…

And 20% of your ads will get 80% of your results.

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Direct Marketing words arrow bow aiming new prospects customers

Content marketing is all the rage at the moment…

And it IS important.

But it also takes time to come off.

It’s more of a passive strategy.

So how do you balance your focus?

Here’s what I do…

80% sales, 20% content.

That’s right… 80% of my time, money and energy is focused
on direct selling…

i.e. calling back past clients to check in, sending out direct marketing
letters, direct reachouts on Linkedin, etc.

The other 20% is based on content.

Both are important…

And others may do it differently… but that’s what I recommend.

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