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Funnel flow chart template with three arrows showing input into the funnel passing four colored banners to organize, condense and streamline into one output arrow below, vector illustration

I had a client meeting yesterday in Sydney to dissect their funnels, and one of the things that became abundantly clear to me was just how many funnels many businesses need…

It’s not as simple as one funnel, to get people to purchase a product or service and then upsell them.

You actually need multiple funnels. For example…

An onboarding funnel to maximise the value of a customer.

A funnel to get testimonials after a client has purchased – and drive sales going forward.

A funnel to get referrals from existing clients.

A funnel to look after your 20% of clients who are taking care of 80% of your business.

And many more, depending on the individual structure of your business.

All of them need to be automated. All of them need to be measured. And all of them should be a part of your strategy.

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Generation of men from infants to seniors. Child and teenager, boy and an elderly man. Vector illustration

I was talking to my coach the other day, when he said
something that really popped.

I’m looking to take my business from 6 figures to 7 figures,
and we assessed that it was a systems issue…

He said to me:

You started off as an infant.

Then you reached a teenager.

And you got stuck there…

My job is to help you create the systems to go from teenager
to adult.

As I see it, there are two main things that hold most companies
back from growth.

Poor marketing
Poor systems

If you need better systems, I’m probably not your guy (reach out
to someone like David Jenyns who created System Hub for that).

But if you need better marketing, well…

I can help you move from infant to teenager…

Or teenager to adult.

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Marketing Funnel Sales Diagram with People and Cogs. Vector isolated on black background. Conversion Funnel Sale Chart. Concept of Funnel and Sales.

Marketing Funnel Sales Diagram with People and Cogs. Vector isolated on black background. Conversion Funnel Sale Chart. Concept of Funnel and Sales.

Last August 25, 2016, I did a speech for Steven Dixon’s Breakthrough
for Business in Wollongong about funnels.

And here’s how I explained it.

I gave each table a funnel.

Then I gave them a packet of tic tacs.

And some blu-tack.

Next I asked them to drop the tic tac into the funnel.

Obviously, it popped straight through.

Then I asked them to put some blue tac down on the funnel.

And they pinned the blu-tack to the funnel.

It didn’t move. It didn’t pop out the other end and become a sale.

I explained this metaphor like this…

You want your funnel to have as little friction as possible.

Set it up so it’s easy for people to buy.

Ask the question: what do they need to believe in order to buy?

Then seek to educate them about that.

And how do I remove the friction points, the stuff that stops people
from becoming a customer?

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