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When we were travelling in China a couple of weeks ago, my wife
and son got swamped at one of the tourist destinations.

Everyone wanted a photo with them.

In fact, I joked that my son turned into a little Justin Bieber. The
Chinese were literally pushing and shoving to get a photo with him.

(Sadly, my good looks and charm went unrecognised 😉

But here’s the thing…

When we walk down the street in Australia, nobody cares.

So why is that?


In China, being blonde or young and white – in certain areas – is a
novelty. It’s unique.

In Sydney, it’s not.

So what does this have to do with marketing, with copywriting?


Sell stuff that’s a novelty. That’s different. That’s unique. That nobody
else is selling.

Solve problems that nobody else is solving.

How do you do this?

Well, you fix riddles. You go to your clients and you ask them…

“What’s the riddle you’re puzzled with right now, that you’d do anything
to solve?”

They will tell you.

And if they’ve got that problem, odds are, other people in that niche have
the same problem.

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About 9 days ago, when my family was returning to China, we had a
message come across the PA…

We are experiencing technical difficulties, and will be turning back to

Now I don’t normally get scared on planes.

But over the next couple of hours, I contemplated what would happen if
this was it. The END. And I was “gone” in the next hour…

Especially since the pilot kept saying we were heading in for landing in
15 minutes…

And then repeated that same statement 15 minutes later.

And there were moments when the plane would accelerate and then stop.

Anyway, when I was up there I determined that if we landed I would get
a bonus life.

And the next day I would start life #2.

A life where I was more relaxed. A life where I focused more on giving than
receiving. A life where I experimented with ideas and new ways of approaching

And that’s what I’m endeavouring to do.

From a marketing perspective, there’s a message in this.

You see, I could have heard the words…

“Live your life to the fullest.”

Or “today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

But without the experience to go with it, it really doesn’t cut
through on an emotional level.

The same thing happens with marketing.

We can say this tyre won’t go flat… but if we can
run the tyre over a bucketful of nails and prove it, it’s so much
more powerful.

We can say we can make you healthier, but if we can show before
and after blood results of our patients, then it cuts through.

We can say our water purifier is good, but if we can show it
cleaning the gunk out, it really gets the message across.

And that is the power of a dramatic demonstration.

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Study Education Knowledge Wisdom Studying Concept

I’m doing a lot of study lately, trying to get in at least a couple of hours
a day…

And when I find something interesting, to make sure I don’t lose it…

I’m positing it on my twitter feed

For instance, over the past couple of weeks I’ve posted tips about…

Sean Ellis’s Startup Growth Pyramid

The creative geniuses who revolutionised Direct Mail

14 day vs. 30 day free trial. What works better?

Netflix’s opinion on testing

Funnel analysis and spotting bottlenecks

How Dropbox scaled

A simple survey that you can send customers to determine if you’re
ready to accelerate growth

And much, much more.

To get all these tips, go here…

And scroll down my twitter feed.

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