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A few weeks ago I did a product launch email campaign for
a client, which generated tens of thousands of dollars within
a 5 day timeframe.

On the last day, I suggested to my client…

Let’s create a custom audience using everyone on the email list

And guess what happened?

On the final day, we generated a 5x return on investment from the

The take-away here?

If you have an email list, export it into a csv file… upload it to
Facebook, and test running email campaigns that also incorporate
custom audience targeting on Facebook.

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One of the things to consider whenever you write sales
copy is that markets change.

For instance, I was looking at a client’s web site the other day.

He was in a very competitive niche.

I said to him:

This would have worked in the 1980’s, but it won’t work in 2016.

You see, you’ve always got to consider… what’s the conversation
going on in my customers mind?

And how saturated is his mind on this topic?

And remember, everyone loves new…

So while saying something like…

Hey, there’s this really cool new thing called Google Adwords, might
have got someone’s attention in the early days…

It’s not going to crack the code today.

Always write so your message “pops”, don’t just swipe something that
worked from the past.

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Asking for the Sale words on a note in an envelope as a sales technique to close the deal in a proposal, selling or sales call, or presentation

Want to know the key to getting your proposals to work better?

It’s simple…

Turn them into disguised sales letters.

No, they don’t have to say…

“Discover the secrets of how to get your office fitted out the
best way, etc”

Or anything corny like that…

But they should have the principles of a sales letter.

They should address all of your prospects concerns.

They should have strong elements of proof.

They should explain what makes you different to your competitors.

They should demonstrate how you can fix your prospects bleeding

And they should follow all of the principles of an effective sales
letter, so saying yes is a no brainer for your prospective customer.

Done right, it can work a treat – even boosting your sales by as much
as 600%.

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