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One of the best things you can do to build instant trust ANYWHERE…

Doesn’t matter if it’s on social media, Google, content marketing or via
offline media…

Is to understand your target market better than they understand

And to do that takes work. It takes questions. It means taking the time
to really understand your target market on a deep level.

For instance, here’s what Pat Flynn, who runs the Smart Passive
Income Blog, does…

He randomly selects 10 people from his email list and gets on a skype
call with them each month.

He hears their struggles, what’s working for them, what’s not…

And the information he receives is gold, and allows him to communicate
on a far deeper level.

My question is… how well do you know your customer?

Once you do… once you’re there…

You can begin your marketing piece by simply explaining their problem
with a line like…

“See if this sounds familiar…”

Makes sense?

In fact, that’s one of the reasons I started my Scott Bywater Facebook

So I can understand your needs on a deeper level, and solve your biggest

To join, simply go here:

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When it comes to Facebook, you might want to try this.

Instead of running a campaign, try doing a launch.

What do I mean by that?


Most people run an ad to a sales or landing page. And then
if that doesn’t work, they throw up their arms in frustration.

Try this instead…

1-4 days – send people to a blog post link with a soft offer.

5-8 days – send visitors to a video uploaded directly to Facebook
as an ad.

9-12 days – send people to a case study.

13-16 days – send people to another case study

17-20 days – introduce your product

21-24 days – benefit one, bonus

25-28 days – benefit two, bonus

29-32 days – benefit three, bonus

32-34 days – offer closing

35-36 days – last chance

This approach does a few things:

1.    It builds credibility via case study.

2.    It touches on specific desires for different people. i.e.
a beauty cream may have the benefits of lose wrinkles,
look younger, remove baggy eyes, etc.

3.    It overcomes banner blindness (seeing the same ads over
and over and over again).

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Here’s a simple way to highjack your competitors on Instagram.

Simply add a hashtag with your competitors name on it.

That way, whenever someone does a search for your competitor…

Up you pop!

Try it.

Remember, according to eMarketer, Instagram is the fastest
growing platform on the internet.

Dismiss it at your own risk.

Want to see what I’m doing on Instagram?

Then follow me at:

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