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I was at Greg Cassar’s Digital Marketing Summit yesterday, chatting with my
friend Nik Thakoral…

And he said something interesting:

That although video marketing is taking off, it’s not for everyone.

For instance, amongst the very wealthy, they don’t like video.

They find it inconvenient.

They’re too busy.

And they only want to watch video to zone out, like watch a television show
or something for entertainment.

Am I saying don’t use video?

No, video may be absolutely perfect for your market.

What I’m saying is don’t just go with the trends because someone says you
should do this or should do that.

You’ve got to take the time to know what makes YOUR target market tick.

Very few people do this.

It’s time consuming. It’s boring. It doesn’t have an immediate payoff.

But before you do content marketing…

Before you do Facebook advertising…

Before you do Linkedin advertising…

You should take the time to understand your buyer persona, deeply.

Few do, and as a result…

They make a lot of mistakes.

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