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Years ago, I stumbled across someone I truly believe
was a psychopath…

Hard to tell for sure, without doing a brain scan… but
I must have read a dozen books on the subject in very
quick succession to know who I was dealing with.

And the one thing that stands out, they said – was
the sob story.

i.e. if soon after meeting someone they give you a
major sob story so you feel sorry for them…

It doesn’t necessarily mean they are a psychopath…

But it is something which should be a red alert just
in case.

What does this have to do with copywriting, with

Not much.

But if you do happen to get engaged with one – and
they are definitely out there in the business world,
it could throw you off course for months, causing both
your professional and personal life to suffer.

So look out for the early sob story… and if you hear it
reference the Hare Psychopathy checklist.

It could help you dodge a bullet.

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I got this question the other day from a service provider:

How do I get clients?

And what I came back with was different to what she expected. It was along
the lines of this:

The first thing you have got to be clear on is what type of client you want. And
In order to identify the type of client you want, you need to work out who you
can add the most value to…

Who can pay you the most?

Who is in the most pain?

Who has the biggest bleeding neck?

Who can gain the most from what you have?

For instance, imagine you’re a physiotherapist, and you’re really, really good.

You’re the best, or at least in the top 1%.

You could open up a clinic somewhere in a low income area, or in a high income
area. You could target professionals or students.

Who is going to be a better target market?

Likewise, take it a step further…

You could angle your service at someone like an NBA or NFL team in the USA, where
players are on million dollar contracts.

Who are you worth the most to?

Interesting question, isn’t it?

The same skillsets, but a very different result in terms of what people will pay you for
it, depending on who you target.

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Ok, so yesterday I said go wide first when it comes to niching your market.

And here’s why:

Imagine you’ve got some bait, and there are three buckets in front of you with fish in them:

Bucket #1 contains whiting
Bucket #2 contains garfish
And bucket #3 contains flathead

Now imagine dipping the bait (your product or service) into each bucket.

The whiting sniff at it, but aren’t interested.

The garfish take a few nibbles.

And the flathead gobble it up like a 5 year old handed his first piece of chocolate.

Who do you want to be selling to… the whiting or the garfish?

And that’s why you want to do a little testing, before you niche too narrowly.

Otherwise, you could end up selling to the whiting for years, and missing the easy road.

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