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Want to know the biggest sales repellent, that’ll keep away potential clients
like a shark in a swimming pool?

It’s neediness…

And that’s why, when you stop marketing it’s a double edge sword.

So the message is, whether it’s nurturing your existing clients, advertising and
promoting for new ones, whatever…

You should always be marketing.

Putting sales messages out.
Sending emails.
Dropping social media posts.
Calling clients and checking in.

Never stop marketing, because when you’ve got more opportunities you’ll be
Less needy.

Let’s crunch the numbers, assuming that a lack of neediness gives us a boost of
30% in close rate.

5 sales appointments a month x 20% close rate = 1 sale a month
15 sales appointments a month x 26% close rate = 3.9 sales a month.

Sales tripled via activity, but the lack of neediness can potentially amplify your

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Did you watch it? Interesting, isn’t it?

And the same thing can happen to us in business. We might be looking at things a certain way – or because of our belief systems – miss out on a huge opportunity.

Share your learnings below, or any way your blind spots may have held you back.


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Here’s an interesting question to consider…

How do you become so valuable to your clients, that you can grow your business
without having to get more leads?

This question has been sparked in me by working with a client with a limited potential
customer base.

The secret to growing their sales isn’t running ad campaigns, or headlines, or anything
like that…

It’s servicing their existing customers better, by understanding and delivering on their
needs. It’s operations. It’s culture.

But the same applies to all of us.

What if you could turn 50% of your $5k clients, into $50k clients?

Interesting question, isn’t it?

It certainly makes for a more solid business. And once you turn the lead tap on, you’ll
Have the infrastructure in place to make each lead far more valuable.

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