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Ever since we moved into a home with a fireplace, I’ve thought a lot about
the similarities between stoking a fire, sales, marketing and business.

Let’s talk about kindling.

You don’t start a fire by throwing a big log on it and then hitting it with a

You begin with kindling.

And the same process works with sales.


Because sales is all about trust.

So rather than trying to sell a $20k package, start with – depending on your
target market – something for $1k, $3k or $5k.

Overdeliver on this, and then you can throw the log on the fire, and turn a
small initial sale into a big client.

As Dan Kennedy says, the purpose of a sale is to get a customer.

Flip the funnel, and look after them…

And you can turn a small sale into a big sale.

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There’s this game my wife plays at night on her phone where there’s a
series of letters and you need to make different pre-set words out of them.

Sometimes those words come quick, but sometimes you look at 5 letters
and you can’t see anything…

Then the OBVIOUS hits you, and it’s a really obvious word.

It’s like that when you write a headline too.

You look at the headline.

You think.

You try different things.

And then, if you stay with it long enough…


It just pops out at you, and you think:

Where have you been hiding all this time?

So when writing headlines for your Facebook, Google, online or offline
ads – stick with it until the magic pops. It will eventually.

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The more frequent your contact with your customers, the more sales you’ll make.

It’s really quite simple.

Ikea understands this, and there’s a story in the book Thinker toys which demonstrates
this perfectly.

Christmas trees in New York cost $50.

IKEA rented them out for $10 instead.


Think about it. It drove thousands of people into their stores… TWICE – one to pick up
the trees and one to drop them back.

And what do you think people most likely did when they were there?

That’s right.

Look around the store.

With this in mind, my question to you is:

How can you get more customers to return to your store?

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