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If you go onto Google and do a search for 101 best headlines, you won’t
find any shortage of documents.

But there’s a problem.

None of these headlines take into account the level of sophistication of
your target market.

And that’s the most important factor.

For instance, there’s one copywriting guy who was a genius back in his

But his headlines, in my opinion, were lacklustre.

Sure, they worked…

But I doubt they’d work today.
Think about it like this.

Back in the 1950’s a headline along the lines of…

“The fastest way to shed pounds”

Might cut it.

Not today.

The market is too sophisticated.

They would roll their eyes at it.

Same goes if I told you I had this brand new way to generate

“What is it?”

You say, anticipating my response.

“Google Adwords” I reply.

Just because something worked in the past, doesn’t mean it works

Always consider market sophistication.

So instead of saying…

“The fastest way to shed pounds”

You might dig deeper into the product, and discover there’s a new
exercise technique that works like magic. And then drill down and
make it more specific with an angle along the lines of…

Unique 9 minute exercise speeds up metabolism, shed fat faster at
45 than you did at 35.

ALWAYS ask first…

How sophisticated is the market?

Then base your headline off that.

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Years ago, a potential client reached out to me about doing business.

He wanted a sales letter to achieve an objective, however the sales letter
would only be sent to a small handful of people he knew personally.

I said:

“You don’t need me to help you with this. Just call them up and ask them.”

After all, he already had the relationships and it was a small target market.
I couldn’t, with any level of integrity, accept the business.

Anyway, we lost contact for awhile, and then he reached out to me again –
and has gone on to be a much, much larger client than he would have initially


One word: TRUST.

By playing the long game, I had turned a small client into a big client.

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I was chatting with a friend the other day who called me after spending thousands of
dollars for a SEO person, $1500 a month.

They weren’t getting any results.

My advice: start with Adwords.



Adwords gets instantaneous results, and why it may be expensive per click – you can
quickly see which keywords are getting traction, and which are converting.

Then you can hone in on those specific keywords with your SEO.

Because think about it… getting SEO to work isn’t easy.

You need to create articles that are a couple of thousand words in length. They need
to be quality. And they need to get traction.

See if it’s worth it first by getting clicks from Adwords, before throwing your hat into
the ring.

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