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It took me a long time to realise this… but one day when reading the 80/20
Manager by Richard Koch I stumbled on the way I had found my best clients.

It wasn’t via email marketing, Google Adwords, any of that…

Instead, it was via connections.

And often not from immediate connections, but rather…

This person introduced me to that person who introduced me to this person
who introduced me to that person… who became a 5 or 6 figure client.

Yes, I’m talking about networking.

But not in the way you think.

You see, I wasn’t trying to network at that time. I was simply running. It was

Then you think… what would happen if I made a habit of this?

What would happen if it was structured?

What would happen if it was strategic?

Truth is, most people don’t do effective networking because it’s a long
game. You might meet someone today, and nothing might happen for

But then BOOM… you get the ultimate shortcut.

Or you need something, and instead of trying to get it yourself, you ask
someone who has the network…

And because you’ve kept in touch and have the relationship… you can tap
into this shortcut.

No, it’s not the whole game.

You don’t want to just rely on networking.

You need several aspect to your marketing mix, but don’t dismiss the power
of this just because it doesn’t give you results right away.

Play the long game.

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I received this promotion as a direct mail piece the other day…

I liked it for this very reason:

They took the time to understand their target market.

Think about it: most business owners are starved for time. They
know they should look into their costs and cut them, but they are
constantly running around chasing their tails.

So when a letter comes in which addresses this objection head
on, it grabs your attention.

So how could this apply to your industry?

Well, first you’ve got to do your research.

Get to know your customer.

The exact thing most people do NOT do, sadly.

You’ve got to know your target market, intimately.

And if they tell you their biggest gripe with your industry is that
you take too long to deliver your pizzas…

You tell them that if it’s not there in 30 minutes, it’s free 😊

Of course, that’s how Domino’s Pizza owned the pizza industry.

But it can work for anyone.

Find out your customers biggest frustration.

Solve it in the headline.

And you grab their attention instantly.

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It’s true…

One client can be worth more than 10,000 likes…

One phone call can be worth tens of thousands of likes and
followers on social media.

I’m not saying social media isn’t important, it’s hard to deny
that it’s working for many.

But the thing we need to consider first, before anything else is…

Who’s my buyer persona?

How do they buy?

What questions do they ask?

What process do they go through?

For instance, a client who has been worth hundreds
of thousands of dollars to me was generated from a simple phone
call and an email.

Don’t follow the bright shiny objects because everyone else is.

Get in touch with your buyer’s journey.

Know who they are…

And sell the way they naturally buy.

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