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Recently I made a phone call to an old client.

Last time I did work for him was almost a decade ago.

He was a 2 man operation.

Now he’s an 80 man operation.

The end result: he’s turned into a much bigger client.

The bottom line:

Dive into your database.

There’s gold there.

Of course, you should prioritise who you contact first.

And there’s a process called RFM which allows you to do this.

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I was just chatting with a colleague who was thinking to position himself as a
life coach.

And the more he talked, the more remarkable knowledge I could see he had.

He know all of this stuff about bio-hacking your body, testing your heart rate
with some device to see how hard you could train, how to build strength,
how to check in and test your adrenals, etc…

Stuff I’ve personally been looking for – for years!

I said to him… mate, with your knowledge and skills, why would you position
yourself in a way you’re not valued… where there is heaps of competition.

Find the niche where there is little competition, and where you stand out as
a superstar.

That’s how you get an edge.

I did this recently for a company that sells cooling equipment.

We found the client that had the biggest bleeding neck…

And we sent them direct marketing letters.

He sends letters at certain times of the year.

He gets a few percentage inquiry rate – for a sale which is worth tens of
Thousands of dollars.

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The key to NOT being vague and boring is simple.

Think about it like this.

Imagine you had to do a speech to a group of aliens
who can speak English?

You knew nothing about them.

How do you make that speech interesting?

Not so easy, is it?


Because you don’t know what their hot buttons are.

You don’t know what interests them.

Of course, to change this…

You CAN go and talk to them. You can ask them questions.

You can find out what their problems are, what they find
Interesting, what their desires are.

You talk to enough of them and find a common thread.

And then, you know exactly what to do.

So to stop being vague…


Seriously, come from this space.

Don’t say…

I already know my customers.

Heck, often we don’t know our husbands and wives the way
we think we do… and we spend our whole lives with them.

I can assure you… from experience, if you take the time, you
will discover some incredible things about the way your
customers think by just taking the time to talk to them.
In fact, I just went through this process with a client and literally
found several factors that could easily add six figures to their
bottom line.

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