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One of the most important things you can do, from a marketing perspective, is to
keep your clients for longer.

Many businesses don’t realise this, and prefer to instead chase after the shiny object.

More customers.
More customers.
More customers.

Yes, more customers is important.

But if you can turn a $5,000 client into a $100,000 client it makes for a WAY easier business.

So how do you do this?

It’s simple.

You get inside their heads.

You find out what they really need.

And you deliver.

For instance, these days for some 7-figure clients I provide strategy, project management, copywriting and the power of my network to get things done.

Often I’ll leverage their team.

And I make the whole process accountable and trackable.


Because that’s what needs to happen to get the results.

And if you get results. If you deliver better than anyone else can, if you’re almost impossible to replace, why on earth
would anyone ever fire you?

It’s kind of like having a poker machine in your home that always spits out more money than you feed into it.

You’re hardly going to throw it out, are you?

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One of the questions I’ve been asking myself these days (as you may know, I’ve replaced reaching for social media with asking smart questions) is…

What will I wish I did 10 years from now?

And it’s a really powerful question because it encourages me to take a longer term view.

For instance, I wrote down 4 things today:

1. Spent time working on my business.
2. Spent time with my son.
3. Studied
4. Built a network / team.

It forces us to think long term, instead of short term.

And when we think long term, when we play the long game, we get better results.

And if you have any problem asking this question – ask instead… what do I wish I did
10 years ago, that would put me in a better position today?

Invested in your education?
Exercised more?
Spent more time with your family?

That one question, really puts things in perspective, doesn’t it.

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I’m reading Scott Adams book at the moment, the creator of Dilbert, and he talks about the fact you should not set goals -but instead focus on systems.

I tend to agree.

And I’ve been doing something similar lately, via an app called Wonderful Day.

Basically, it’s based on the Seinfeld system, and how he became a great comedian, by putting a cross on the calendar everytime he practiced comedy.

The idea was not to break the chain.

Via the app, I’m now doing this with everything from:

Drinking water
Spending time working ON my business

Each and every one of these things is easy to skip over, but the compound effect of doing them every day is nothing short of remarkable.

So start doing this today.

And remember, there might be a lag effect, but the right marketing habits is what will make you a true success in business.

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