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Ok, so I’ve made a pledge recently to spend no more than 30 minutes
a day on social media – and only after 5pm.

Here’s what I’ve learnt:

#1 social media is a crutch.

Seriously, you get bored for a moment – you reach for your phone, click
on the Facebook link and assault your senses with dozens of different
blobs of content all at once – much of which is not relevant or useful.

Instead, I’ve been taking that time to ask a question.

For instance, the other day, I asked the question…

How can I be a better dad?

And you know what answer came back?

It’s not what you would think.

What came back was…


And do you know what else came back…

Getting healthy will make you a better entrepreneur, a
better friend, a better partner…

Because if you’re tired all the time, you’re good to

So now I ask questions.

And instead of jumping on social media I read.

I look up books. You’ve got to replace one crutch for
something else… nature abhors a vacuum.

Anyway, as a result of that I’ve discovered some
incredible books which have given me new insights
Including High Performance Habits by Brendan
Burchard which I think could be a game-changer.

Anyway, try it for yourself.

Jump off social media. Ask yourself a powerful
Question instead of jumping on.

A question like:

How can I get more leads?
How can I be a better parent?
How can I serve my clients better?

Direct your mind to better things – then come back
and thank me for it.

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Here’s what I’ve found has happened over recent years.

The market has become more complex.

16 years ago, when I started in this game, you had newspapers, TV,
direct mail, PR, magazines and TV.

Now you have Facebook, content marketing, Google Adwords, Instagram,
Linkedin, Quora, Medium, CRO, SEO, the list goes on and on.

But here’s the problem…

Nobody can be an expert in all of these areas.

I mean, there’s absolutely no way I could be as good at managing an
Adwords campaign as the guy I’ve partnered with for that.


He’s got his head under the hood for 40 hours a week.

But what I have, is an understanding across the board.

I study every single day – and understand marketing strategy.

And I’ve honed my copywriting chops for years, getting my 10,000 hours
of experience at this craft.

Most importantly, I can guide my clients in terms of where to focus, which
is often the hardest part.

After all, if you’re rowing in the wrong direction – it doesn’t matter how hard
you work.

This is my flow.

Strategy. Marketing. Copywriting.

And that’s why, one of the things I’m doing now, with a number of clients, is
acting as a Chief Marketing Officer who also implements with copy.

It’s like being a master builder on a building project.

You have carpenters, bricklayers, electricians, roofers, etc. and someone
who oversees it to pull the entire project together.

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I’m a big fan of testing and measuring. I don’t like anything that’s wishy-washy.

I like it to be proven, measurable, factual.

That’s one of the things that attracted me to direct response marketing.

And yet, I’m a big believer in the unseen, in intuition.

But only because I do this…

Whenever I get an intuition, I write it down in a book.

It doesn’t whisper.

It’s in the background.

And often, you have to take time out of the beta brainwave and move into
the alpha brain wave (i.e. go and grab a coffee, go for a swim, or for a walk in
the botanic gardens) for that intuition to kick in.

Anyway, you’re probably skeptical.

But here’s what I suggest you do.

Write down your intuitions in a 3 column sheet.

First column = intuition.
Second column = actioned, yes or no?
Third column = end result.

Do this and I bet you’ll find you’ve been ignoring one of the biggest goldmines
accessible to you.

There’s a reason why everyone from Oprah to Donald Trump to Jim Carrey
believes in it.

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