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I’ve had a couple of conversations this week, with likeminded people in marketing, and
here’s the one thing they all had in common.

They’ve had challenges. Lots of them.

One of the guys is based in the US. He had a company cruising along several years ago…

Google Ads going to a page.
The page converting.

And then, Google said: we don’t like your ads.

His business halved overnight. Overnight.

Then the cost of the ads in other areas he was advertising kept going up, up, up… and
all of a sudden that successful business is in trouble.

Another guy I know is in real estate. Smart guy. He’s done well. But now, with the market
shifts, it’s harder to sell property.

He’s working like a dog. It’s harder to sell stuff.

This is business.

It’s not… hey, let’s write a 10 year plan and everything will go according to plan.

It’s hey, let’s try a lot of things, understanding that if one thing kicks it out of the park, it
Is well worth many failures. I.e. if each mistake costs you $1000 but a win makes you $1,000 and you make 99 mistakes… you’re still well in front.

But just realise… that win will not be a win forever.

Particularly these days with so much disruption.

Things will change, and you’ll have to adapt, adapt, adapt…

To stay ahead of the curve.

No matter what any guru tells you.

It’s not a straight road.

It’s messy. It’s nasty. But I personally wouldn’t have it any other way.

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If you advertise on Adwords, or are thinking about it, this will give you a huge
advantage over your competition.

Most Adwords experts focus on traffic.

Change your ads. Change your targeting, keyword groups, etc.

And THIS is important.

But where the gap is… is in CONVERSION.

Let me explain.

You send 100 visitors to a web site from Adwords, with a $300 ad budget… and it
converts at 5% for a $100 sale.

End result:

Ad spend: $300
ROI: $500
Profit: $200

You’ve made $200.

But if you bump the conversion on the web site the traffic is being sent to from 5% to 7%, all of a sudden the statistics
look like this:

Ad spend: $300
Conversion: 7%
ROI: $700
Profit: $400

Yes, you’ve DOUBLED your profits without spending a cent on Adwords.

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Over the last couple of months, the world has gone Bitcoin crazy. I went to jump on the bandwagon early, when the price was at about $9000.00 AUD.

There was a problem with the transaction. I didn’t trust the service, and by the time this all got clarified, the price
jumped up to $20,000.

Now it’s see-sawing up and down like a yo-yo.


But you know what it’s going to show us?

All of this hype.

It will show us who the real players are.

You see, if you jumped in at the early stage and quadrupled your money, you felt like a genius.

In reality, unless you are a true student of the markets, you got lucky.

You rolled the dice and won.

But over time, if you keep rolling the dice in this way… keep sitting at the casino table… you’re going to lose.

Randomness will sort you out.

It’s a bit like a soccer game. Australia played Thailand last year in the world cup. Had SO many shots at goal, over 30, but only converted a couple.

Thailand had one shot and converted.

Thailand didn’t win, randomness sorted the game out.

But they could have. They could have got lucky.

HOWEVER… if Australia played Thailand in 10 game, 30 games, 100 games… our skill would have caused us to come up trumps.

And it’s the same with business.

You might have a bad day or a bad week. You might get down on yourself.


Think over the period of a year or a decade instead.

Because if you keep swinging that bat, make no mistake about it – some of those swings are going to connect – and they will make all the difference.

Success is lumpy – so keep swinging that bat!

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