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Learning is one thing, but if you want to truly understand something, you’ve got to do.

I’ve learnt this recently.

I’m working with a coach to systemise my business.

He’s not teaching me anything that’s so new, as such.

BUT at the same time, it is totally new.

And what I’m discovering is that…

There’s a big difference between reading the E-Myth…

Talking about the E-Myth…



And it’s the same with anything, really, isn’t it?

You can learn about riding a bike, but doing it is totally different.

You can learn about selling, but the true learnings come when you actually do it.

The old saying, to know and not to do is not to know, rings true here.

So my question to you is, what do you know that you really don’t know… because you don’t do?

We all have something.

Perhaps you think you understand how marketing works, but you’re relying purely on word of mouth to fuel your business – and missing out on a bundle of opportunities?

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Over the years I’ve dealt with business owners who think they have a marketing problem…

But they don’t.

Look a little deeper, and it can be an operations problem. Peel away another layer, and it’s a culture problem.

I’ve learnt to do the same with myself, and ask… what’s the real problem?

i.e. not enough time is a symptom, what’s the real problem?

Stress is a symptom, what’s the real problem?

Not enough money is a symptom, what’s the real problem?

It’s often not what my mind tells me it is as an initial reaction…

It’s something deeper.

And the best way to get to that ‘deeper’ place is to ask the question… ‘why?’

For example, let’s say you don’t have enough time.

Why don’t you have enough time?

After all, we all have the same amount of time. Yet some people feel they have plenty, others feel they are time starved.

Perhaps you’re taking on the wrong clients?Perhaps you need to change your targeting?

Perhaps you need to get better at marketing, so you have more time?

What you think is a problem is often a symptom.

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If you want someone to hand over their money right away, you need to solve an urgent problem.

And of all the advertising strategies I’d recommend there are two I’d swear by the most:

1. Google Adwords to people with problems.

If someone has a problem and they look on Google Adwords, odds are they are going to do something to solve their problem at
some stage in the near future.

If you’re there, with a compelling message, you have a good chance of winning the business. And you can be there quickly.
Just pay the cost per click and your ads should start popping up shortly afterwards.

So ask yourself, what’s the problem my clients have which is most urgent. Where they need to get is solved now. What’s their
bleeding neck?

Then run a Google Adwords campaign based around it. It really is that easy.

2. Custom Audience ads on Facebook

If you need quick cash, advertise your hottest products and services on Facebook. Not to cold leads, but to people who
already know you and trust you.

Make the offer strong, and encourage them to reach out to you as soon as possible. Remember, business is all about trust, and
those who already trust you, are far more likely to buy from you again and again and again.

Want to know what your rapid revenue rating is?

Believe me, there’s a goldmine of ‘low hanging fruit’ in your business you can tap into.

Take the rapid revenue quiz to get your exact rating, and discover…

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