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Most people in business think bottom up.

They think of the tactics, how do I get business today.

But a better way to think, I am finding, is to think from top down.

What is the END I want to achieve.

Start from there.

Then look at the size of the industry you are targeting, and exactly
how large it is.

For example, you may work out that you’re targeting a $500 million

That’s the size of the market.

1% of that = your business getting $5 million of it.

0.1% = your business getting $500k of it.

Not bad.

Then look at who’s doing it best.

Who do you want to model?

Who are they targeting? How are they targeting them? What are they
doing that you can perhaps model, while putting your own spin on it.

Yes, you eventually write those Facebook ads.

You eventually create that Google campaign.

But you’re starting by seeing the big picture before zoning in on
the details.

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It’s one thing to get a lead, but it’s something different altogether to get a
qualified lead… right?

But how do you tell the difference between the two?

Well, there’s a simple metaphor I came across in a course I was doing on
the weekend called BANT.

It stands for:

Budget: do they have the money?
Authority: do they have the authority to make the decision?
Need: do they really need it?
Timing: is it urgent, is there a reason to act now?

With this in mind, next time a lead comes through your system… make sure
you ask questions related to each of the above to them.

Even better, seed your ads so you are more likely to attract someone who
meets all four of these criteria.

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I was chatting with a potential client the other day, they get
thousands of visitors to their web site…

And their content was all immediately downloadable.

I said “why don’t you gate your content?”

You see, it’s one thing to have a pdf which is automatically

But if you can make me fill out a form to get my hands on it,
then you can follow up with several emails / videos, etc.
to tell me more.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for gating content.

For instance, if you’re going off a Facebook ad I would recommend
ungated content (i.e. straight to a blog post, no opt in required)
which can be pixelled and then followed up with a gated offer…

But if you’re getting tons of content to your web site and not gating
your content, you are leaving some serious money on the table.
So why don’t you take a look at your analytics now…

See where you are getting the most traffic, which pages are the
primary focus…

And create a piece of content to offer on that blog post to get people
to jump into your sales funnel.

For instance, if you’re a landscaper and people are on your lawn
care page, why not make an offer along the lines of a free checklist
on how to nourish the perfect lawn.

Makes sense?

Then go out there and do it.

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