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If you’re finding something tough right now, I received a metaphor from
my mindset coach the other day that might help you.

He said:

Most people try to bang down the door, when they have a problem.

That’s really hard.

Possible, but you hurt yourself a lot in the process.

Instead, he said…

Find the person who has the key.

That’s much easier.

So what I’d encourage you to do right now, is:

1. Grab a piece of paper.
2. Make a list of your biggest challenges on the left hand side.
3. Make a list of who might have the key on the right hand side.
4. Reach out to them and ask for the key.

For instance, if you have a health problem… who has the key?

If you have a time problem… who has the key?

If you have a marketing problem… who has the key?

Remember, it’s much easier to open the door with a key than with
your head 🙂

The other day I had an opportunity to chat with a billion dollar
CEO for a client project I am working on.

And there was one thing he said in this meeting which really
stood out for me. It was this:

Task orientation is a form of laziness. It’s easy to get attached
and make excuses for working on the detail.

That really popped for me, because I often fall into this category.

How about you?

Are you being a “busy fool?”

Are you being lazy, when you think you’re being productive?

The other day I received an inquiry from a real estate agent.

He wanted to know how to get more listings, and was thinking
of offering a prize to anyone who sold their house with him.

I didn’t like the idea – not to grab someone’s attention.


Because if I’m going to list my home with an agent, a bad negotiator
or poor photo of my property could cost me way more than a holiday.
I don’t want a holiday, I want to know I can trust him.

So instead, I suggested (which would apply to anyone advertising
In a small geographic area)…

Saturate the area with content on Facebook.
Run a different video every 4 days.
Make an offer on each piece of content, softly.

And then do a direct pitch, to put someone into your funnel, only
to those who have watched your video.

Once you get their email address, continue to follow them up.

But start with content. Build trust. And go from there.

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