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My little boy was watching some kids channel the other
night at his ya-ya’s (that’s greek for grandma’s) and
then a little story came on about the 3 little piggies.

Not sure if you’re familiar with that story but in case
you need a refresher it goes like this:

The big bad wolf threatens to blow the first house down. It
is made of sticks. He blows it down.

The first pig runs to the house made of sticks. And he
blows that one down too. Then both pigs run to the brick
house, but he cannot blow that one down and tries to
climb in through the chimney.

He lands in a pot of boiling water and calls out for
mercy. The pigs let him out and he never bothers
them again.

So why am I telling you this story?

Because I think it’s quite metaphorical from a
business sense.

The Big Bad Wolf is all those bad things which can
crush your business… the economy… a big competitor
moving in next door… etc.

And the reason why so many businesses are affected by
this is because their houses are made of straw or

They don’t have customer generating strategies in place.
Their customer service is weak. They don’t know how to
convert leads. They don’t know how to get new leads
and so on.

And sometimes the wolf blows their house down.

So how do you go from a house of straw or sticks to a
house of bricks?

Marketing systems. That’s how.

In fact, that’s the most valuable thing you’ve got – your
ability to write sizzling ads and sales letters which make
the phone ring such as what you’ll learn at

Or having over a dozen customer generating strategies at
your fingertips such as what you’ll uncover at

Nothing will turn your business from sticks to bricks faster
than knowing how to get new customers. Don’t you agree?

If you disagree, please fire back a few thoughts and tell
me why I’m wrong and we can debate it in an upcoming email.

All for now,

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

Direct Response Copywriter at Copywriting That Sells
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  1. The Packaging Place on May 15, 2009 at 2:16 pm:

    Can’t agree more Scott. Another very important element is to actually know your customers intimately – who they are, what they buy, what their problems are etc.
    Armed with this information, writing sales letters and getting more customers like them becomes much easier. But somehow many businesses seem to miss this point.

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