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I’ve got this client who sells products which are a commodity.

Everyone can sell much the same thing.

So how does he differentiate himself?

I thought deeply about it…

And then I stumbled across a book by one of my favourite authors,
Mike Michalowicz, called the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.

He talked about 3 points of differentiation:

1. Quality
2. Price
3. Convenience

Truth is, there was no way he could compete on the first 2.

But on the third, they can hit it out of the park.


In a big way.

How do I know this?

Simple – we have feedback from his clients about what they

And if we can guarantee against it, we have a huge advantage.

How about you…

Which one of the 3 can you differentiate on.

McDonalds focuses on convenience.

Mercedes focus on quality.

The Reject Shop focuses on price.

You can rarely do more than one really well.

Choose wisely.

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

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