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The Best Ways to Advertise a Small Business
Here we discuss all aspects of advertising with a main focus on planning and how to get the most out of your advertising.

The other day I received an inquiry from a real estate agent. He wanted to know how to get more listings, and was thinking of offering a prize to anyone who sold their house with him. I didn’t like the idea – not to grab someone’s attention. Why? Because if I’m going to list my […]

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If you advertise on Adwords, or are thinking about it, this will give you a huge advantage over your competition. Most Adwords experts focus on traffic. Change your ads. Change your targeting, keyword groups, etc. And THIS is important. But where the gap is… is in CONVERSION. Let me explain. You send 100 visitors to […]

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What a brilliant idea – combining two loves – coffee and ice cream. It could save the environment too. Think about how you can take another concept and combine it with what you do. A restaurant could combine the essence of a nursery to stand out, with fountains and plants. A mechanic could take the […]

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