Posted by Scott Bywater in marketing, Psychology Dec 27th, 2017

Christmas is a good time for pondering.

And one of the best techniques I’ve found for really getting to the bottom of any problem is to ask why 5x…

What do I mean by that?


Here’s a breakdown of a conversation I had with someone recently.

I need more customers.

1. Why don’t you have more customers? Because I don’t spend time on marketing.

2. Why don’t you spend time on marketing? Because I’m afraid I’ll fail.

3. Why are you afraid you’ll fail? Because I’m worried I’m not good enough.

4. Why are you worried you’re not good enough? Because I was always told that as a kid?

5. Why were you told that as a kid? Because maybe I am, at least I have that belief system.

So there you see it, sometimes the real problem is far deeper than you think. Sometimes it’s mental. Sometimes it’s about time management. Sometimes it’s about the fact you need to get rid of some clients to make room for your own business.

But you won’t know what it is, unless you ask why.

So I encourage you to do that over the holiday season.

Scott Bywater

Direct Response Copywriter at Copywriting That Sells
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