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The more frequent your contact with your customers, the more sales you’ll make.

It’s really quite simple.

Ikea understands this, and there’s a story in the book Thinker toys which demonstrates
this perfectly.

Christmas trees in New York cost $50.

IKEA rented them out for $10 instead.


Think about it. It drove thousands of people into their stores… TWICE – one to pick up
the trees and one to drop them back.

And what do you think people most likely did when they were there?

That’s right.

Look around the store.

With this in mind, my question to you is:

How can you get more customers to return to your store?

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I’ve met many successful entrepreneurs over the years, and every one I can
remember didn’t start out with a 20 year plan.

They tried something. They tinkered. And they worked things out as they
went along.

Then because they tried so many things, through the law of averages…


In just the same was as you do when you throw a dice 100 times.

You get more sixes – it’s the law of averages.

The question is:

How many dice are you throwing?

Want to win more? Then throw more.

Try more things.

Meet more people.

That’s how opportunities come up.

That’s how you get lucky.

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So I was at the snow this weekend and got back yesterday – and while I was there my
son learnt to ski.

Here’s a photo of us together…

Anyway, on the first day, he was getting a bit frustrated, as he wasn’t sure how to stop.

Understandably. I mean it can be pretty scary flying down a hill without the confidence to
put the brakes on.

It would have been easy to give up, and refuse to do it anymore.

But the next day when he had his ski lesson I chatted with the instructor and said… just focus
on teaching him how to stop and turn / slow down.

He did.

And at the end of the day he was skiing like a Trojan, no problem at all.

One bit of coaching made the difference between feeling like a failure at something, and
developing a skill which can provide years of enjoyment.

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