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We’re all familiar with the term junk food, but last weekend I was with my son and he was watching TV.

I looked at the show, and I’m like… that’s junk TV.

So I told him we had to do something that wasn’t junk. He could do anything, explore anything he was interested in… go on any rabbit trail he wanted… but not watch that show.

So he started researching World War II and was fascinated by it.

Way more passionate about that, in fact, than the TV show.

Anyway, we’re the same in business.

We get addicted to JUNK content (scrolling through the Facebook feed)…

And JUNK thinking (grabbing onto negative thoughts and following them).

I’m doing my best to combat these things…

I’m turning my phone off at work…

I’m using the Freedom app to shut down my internet when I’m focusing…

And whenever I start dropping into fear thoughts or going into a negative spin, I repeat the words…

Wealth, Success

To get me back and refocused.

What are you doing to BANISH junk thinking and junk content from your business?

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

Direct Response Copywriter at Copywriting That Sells
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