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Sometimes one of the best way to create copy that
pops is by combining two concepts.

Take this for example…

It combines the concept of dating with tea, and you
have something original.

Now let’s apply this to a few different industries.

A florist could combine the concept of a bed and
create an ad with scientific references regarding how
flowers can help you enjoy a better love life. (backed
up with real statistics)

A mechanic could combine the concept of “an orange”
and refer to the fact his 26-step checklist helps you
squeeze every mile out of your petrol tank.

An accountant could combine the concept of “rest”
and explain how he can help you save tax and take more
rest days.

Interestingly enough, I pulled all of these concept ideas
(rest, orange and bed) directly out of the thesaurus.

How can you combine a simple concept to make your
ads, Facebook campaigns and content more engaging?

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

Direct Response Copywriter at Copywriting That Sells
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