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If you’re looking to attract more customers, then you’ll love these copywriting tips which will show you the best way to advertise a small business

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We’re all familiar with the term junk food, but last weekend I was with my son and he was watching TV. I looked at the show, and I’m like… that’s junk TV. So I told him we had to do something that wasn’t junk. He could do anything, explore anything he was interested in… go […]

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Looks like we’re becoming better searchers, according to recent data from Hitwise. Here’s the breakdown: 1-word searches = 20.29% (previously was 19.02%) 2-word searches = 23.65% (previously was 32.58%) 3-word searches = 21.92% (previously was 25.61%) 4-word searches = 14.89% (previously was 12.83%) 5-word searches = 8.68% (previously was 5.64%) 6-word searches = 4.65% (previously […]

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