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If you’re looking to attract more customers, then you’ll love these copywriting tips which will show you the best way to advertise a small business

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Looks like we’re becoming better searchers, according to recent data from Hitwise. Here’s the breakdown: 1-word searches = 20.29% (previously was 19.02%) 2-word searches = 23.65% (previously was 32.58%) 3-word searches = 21.92% (previously was 25.61%) 4-word searches = 14.89% (previously was 12.83%) 5-word searches = 8.68% (previously was 5.64%) 6-word searches = 4.65% (previously […]

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The other day I was chatting with a client who was telling me he kept all his articles short. Why? Because people wouldn’t read much writing. 9 out of 10 people would tell you that. But that’s why you must be data driven, facts driven, and not just take people at their word. Because the […]

Posted by Scott Bywater in copywriting, marketing Mar 2nd, 2017 | No Comments » Play in new window | Download | Embed It doesn’t matter if you hire me. It doesn’t matter if you hire Gary Bencivenga. It doesn’t matter if you hire John Carlton. It doesn’t matter if you have the best marketing minds on the planet working on your ad Campaign. Get the elements I share […]

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