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Want to get your hands on effective money making tips? Well, here’s one for you. Here you’ll get effective rituals you can do to help you with your daily business routines.

Nobody has enough time these days. Everyone is busy… busy… busy making money.

I myself used to always complain that there’s never enough time to action all of the money making ideas bouncing around
in my head.

And that’s why we have to prioritise. Obviously, that’s time management 101.

Money Making Rituals to Help You Get New Customers

But let’s take it a step further by making it a ritual to focusing on getting new customers every single day by
doing things to make something happen. For instance…

-You could make a ritual of posting on facebook or twitter on a daily basis. I do it here and have linked
it into my face book account

-You could make money if you make a ritual of calling three of your past customers every day

-Another money making ritual you can do is working an hour a day into implementing the strategies you learn here

-You could make a ritual of contacting five potential joint venture partners every day.

-You could set up a blog like this one and make a ritual out of sending out a blog post on a daily basis.

By making it a ritual, you ensure that it gets done. Think about it. There are certain things in your business which if you did on a daily basis, the results would accumulate over time and become extremely significant.

Personally, I send an email like this almost every day. When it comes to money making, for me, it’s a must – kind of like brushing your teeth.

No, make it like going to the toilet – that way you make sure it gets done without question 😉

Think about what you could be doing?

Why don’t you start by writing down this quote by Jim Rohn and pinning it on your wall…

“”Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going””

And remember, there’s no more powerful habit you can get into than the habit of taking a step every day to get more customers. But don’t reinvent the wheel – you can find money making tips and everything you need by clicking here

All for now,

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

Direct Response Copywriter at Copywriting That Sells
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