Posted by Scott Bywater in Email Marketing Jul 31st, 2014

It’s really funny what upsets some people.

After sending an email about the “Turning Even Tiny Lists into Money With 15 minutes
emails” program I just launched, I received this reply from someone…

“I wasn’t impressed after reading this, it’s all about $$$$”

Hmmmm… interesting thing to get heated about.

It would seem most people join this email list because they want to make
more money.

The business name is Copywriting That Sells.

Not Copywriting that makes people like you (although it can also do that 😉

Or copywriting to win awards.

Copywriting That SELLS.

And yeah, I want to make money too, like most people in business 😉

And the best way to make money is to sell without having to be pushy or deal
1 on 1 with skeptical prospects (coz isn’t that a pain).

Quick story for you:

I can remember a time when my wife asked me to study something
and go in a new direction in my career.

Now my wife has always set me on the right track.

So while I may have been skeptical if someone else had suggested
it, with my wife it was a no brainer.


Because of one word…


So how does this apply to email marketing?


Email marketing is the single BEST way I have come across to build
trust and set yourself up as an authority (like my wife has done with me)…


It makes it easier for your prospects to understand that you know what
you’re talking about…

Which makes it easier for them to trust you…

And therefore they’ll buy more stuff…

Without you needing to use pushy sales tactics.

Which is better for them…

And better for you.

Win. Win.

So if you’re tired of wasting time with skeptical prospects who buy from your
competitors because they don’t truly understand your value…

Wrap your head around email marketing.

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

Direct Response Copywriter at Copywriting That Sells
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