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Last weekend my wife had some friends down and was over at my sister in law’s house having dinner. I was at home flicking channels and watching television. A number of things were on… football… some horror movie about a crocodile in the Northern Territory (a place I lived for almost a decade growing up – and no, I never saw a crocodile ambling down the main street, however I did see quite a few buffaloes – true)…and other stuff including one of my favorite movies… Dead Poets Society I love this movie for a few reasons.

Namely, the teacher – Keating – is just a brilliantly unconventional educator. Geez I wish I had a teacher like that when I was at school. I particularly love the part where he gets all his students to rip out the opening paragraph of their poetry books.

Anyway, there is a scene in that movie where he asks one of the boys, Todd Anderson, a question. And Todd doesn’t have much to say.

Then Keating talks about the fact Todd doesn’t believe he has anything useful to say or offer. He follows this by asking him to stand in front of the room… stare at a photo… close his eyes… and pushes him to the next level.

It’s at this moment, he starts sharing some of the most passionate and moving poetry… far beyond anything he ever imagined he could.

The class applauded and he looked Anderson into the eye and said “”Don’t you forget this.””

I can certainly relate to this feeling of not having anything to offer – and today, like Keating, I’d like to encourage you to speak up and find your writing voice.

Sometimes we feel as if we don’t have anything valuable to share. I felt like that for years. In fact, probably from the ages of 13-21 I had huge troubles in standing up for myself and speaking out.

But we all have our own unique experience of life. And each one of us has a valuable gift to share with the world. This has everything to do with copywriting and advertising, because if you take a moment to share your experiences… your thoughts… your feedback… on a regular basis with your customers and prospects, then they will respond.

You can do it through writing an email… an offline newsletter… a sales letter… a teleseminar… a free report or running a seminar.

And no matter what field you are in, you are sure to have knowledge that people want to share. It doesn’t matter if you are a real estate agent… a plumber… a mechanic… an online marketer… a air conditioning mechanic… a printer… a hairdresser…or whatever… you will be surprised at the useful information you know that you think is ordinary that other people are fascinated in.Be sure to share it. And while you’re at it, take the time to put passion and personality into your writing. Because that’s what’s missing in most letters today. Let’s face it, most writing puts you to sleep.

Write with passion. Write with depth. Write from your heart.

It might get on some people’s nerves. You might even annoy some people.

In fact, yesterday I received a call from a lovely guy (he was calling me for a job, interestingly enough) who
told me my writing was too strong.

Well, that’s interesting. But I’m not going to take it to heart, because I also receive calls and get emails from people who absolutely love what I do and I’m not going to stop being myself for anyone. Why? Because in the words of Bill Cosby… “”I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody””Believe in yourself and write with passion.

See ya,

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

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