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Today I wanna talk about something I learned from a guy called Marcus Sheridan who wrote the book called They Ask You Answer.

Marcus’s story is based around the fact he had a swimming pool company in the middle of the GFC.

A lot of swimming pool companies went out of business, and he moved into the content marketing side of things.

So anyway, what he found which was quite stunning is not only did his advertising costs go down and his sales go up, but in addition to that, what he also discovered was that when he went to a sales meeting, his conversion rate was so much higher.

So while the average conversion rate of a swimming pool company was around 10%, he found his conversion rate if someone had viewed 30 or more pieces of content jumped up to 80%…

Eight times the conversion rate.

So let’s look at how this applies to email.

So what email marketing allows you to do, it allows you to build trust, it allows you to build credibility, the same as content marketing does, because essentially it’s the same thing.

But what you can also do is you can look at, if you’re using the right customer relationship management software, you can look at who’s opening and clicking on your emails and then you can do further follow-up.

What I mean by that is if you are collecting phone numbers as well, you can integrate outbound.

Yes, you can do all these fancy things like lead scoring and that sort of thing, but from a very simple perspective and simplistic perspective, what you can just do is look at who’s opening and clicking on your emails.

And you might say, “Once someone’s opened 10 of my emails, flat me to jump on the phone and call them.

What you’ll find if you do this is because you’ve taken that time to build that relationship via email, they will be so much more receptive to your phone call, and then you can move them deeper into your sales funnel, to the appointment stage.

Try it, and let me know how you go 🙂

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

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