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This year, for me, I’ve really stepped up my learning.

And for good reason…

The next decade is going to be an interesting period, with technology
speeding up, and robots and AI potentially taking over heaps of jobs.

My wife is studying career coaching at the moment, and one of the things
she’s learning is that the difference between the haves and the have
nots is going to get bigger.

Think about it.

What do the truck drivers do once this gets automated?
The Uber and taxi drivers?
The bookkeepers and accountants?

Some big changes ahead, and it is those who can do what the computers
can’t who will have the advantage.

And that’s all about learning, learning, learning.

But learning is hard. And I’ll tell you what the hardest part is.

Have you heard the saying, when you learn something you go from:

Unconscious of your incompetence
To conscious of your incompetence
To conscious of your competence
To unconscious of your competence

Well, going from 1 (unconscious of your incompetence)

To 2 (conscious of your incompetence)

… is the hardest part.

It’s what Seth Godin calls “the Dip.”

But I urge you, if you aren’t doing it already, to do the same.

Write down what you want to learn to take your business to the
next level.

Learn every day.

Suffer through those moments of realising you’re crap at certain

And keep on going.

Because most won’t…

And that’s what gives you an edge.

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

Direct Response Copywriter at Copywriting That Sells
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