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There’s this thing called confirmation bias, which basically says if you believe something so deeply, nobody can convince you of any other way.

For instance, there are vegetarians who despite all the evidence to the contrary will insist on the fact processed soy is better for you than organic beef from grass fed cows…

… when it just aint so.

Now we’ve all got our own version of confirmation bias.

You do. I do. Everyone does.

Why? Because we’ve invested so much in our beliefs, and if anyone dares challenge them…


… right?

We’ll attack them with guns, pitchforks, canons, whatever… just look at all the “holy wars” that have been fought over the years.

Long copy vs. short copy is a bit like that.

The people who swear by short copy have never tested it.

I have.

And apart from one case – squeeze pages where you are offering a free report in exchange for an email address…

I’ve found that long copy always works better.

In online videos (yes, I’ve seen 24 minute videos outpull 12 minute videos even though I can’t imagine sitting through one in the middle of the day).

And in sales letters.

I wish it wasn’t the case.

I would far prefer to sit down and crunch out one page instead of 2, 4, 6, 8, 16 or 24 pages of copy.

And if someone can prove me wrong… PLEASE DO IT (you might just keep me from going grey before my time ;-).

But until then, I’ll keep sweating it out.


Because of people like Steve Aitken from Aitken Real Estate.

He was sceptical. He didn’t think a 5 page letter would work to generate new listings.

But it DOUBLED his results.

And put thousands of dollars into his pocket.

It could do the same for you…

IF you’ll let go of your own “confirmation bias”

To hear Stephen’s full story (it’s the 10th box down), click here.

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

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