Posted by Scott Bywater in Psychology Mar 17th, 2018

Almost every time I have played the ‘long game’, I have won.

Almost every time I have played the ‘short game’, I have lost.

Very few, if any exceptions.

Finally discovered this just before I hit 40.

So what is the long game, and what is the short game?

Here’s my definition:

The long game is studying every day.

The short game is working hard at projects without scale.


The long game is spending time with your kids.

The short game is focusing purely on work to make a dollar today.


The long game is paying for your colleagues lunch.

The short game is scrimping and saving.


The long game is regular exercise.

The short game is eating what tastes good.


The long game is building systems into your business.

The short game is going ‘ad hoc’


The long game is to always be marketing, daily

The short game is to just focus on getting the urgent work done


The long game is meditation

The short game is watching TV


The long game is writing a book

The short game is scrolling through your social media feed


The long game is focusing on “what can I give?” in a relationship

The short game is focusing on “what can I get?” (and also ridding

yourself of any takers)


The long game is taking downtime to look after your mental health

The short game is working through it, and slamming your adrenals


The long game is holding your temper and being assertive

The short game is losing your temper, and burning bridges


I could go on and on, but I think you get my point.

Oh, and just one more thing.

The long game is putting together a marketing plan that gets you

Leads and clients week in and week out.

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

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