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Ok, so this was a couple of years ago…

My son and I just finished a day at Universal Studios when we
jumped into the car with an Uber Driver.

We starts some small talk as you do, and he begins talking
about his son…

Then it gets interesting.

He says: my wife wants my son to become an accountant or
a doctor.

I don’t, and he decided to follow my suggestion.

What was his suggestion?

Simple, his son loves video games. So he tells him to follow it.

No, not because of any of this “follow your passion” nonsense…
but because the video game industry is bigger than Bigfoot’s
rear end.

I haven’t validated all the statistics, but he then went on to tell
me it’s bigger than pop music, bigger than TV, etc.

Whether he was right about that or not, I got the point:

It’s a big industry.

And because not as many people are going into it – as their
Parents are advising them to become a lawyer or an

There’s a big opportunity. At least, there was back then.

The bottom line: zig while everyone else is zagging.

Look for the opposites.

Don’t follow the herd.

Otherwise you become a commodity.

Feel like your industry is being commoditised?

Many are.

The internet has triggered it. The power is not back in
the consumer’s hands.

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

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