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Direct Marketing Ideas for Advertising a Small Business
The best ways to advertise a small business aren’t always conventional. In fact, sometimes “outside the box” thinking is exactly what’s required.

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The other day I had an opportunity to chat with a billion dollar CEO for a client project I am working on. And there was one thing he said in this meeting which really stood out for me. It was this: — Task orientation is a form of laziness. It’s easy to get attached and […]

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The other day I received an inquiry from a real estate agent. He wanted to know how to get more listings, and was thinking of offering a prize to anyone who sold their house with him. I didn’t like the idea – not to grab someone’s attention. Why? Because if I’m going to list my […]

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You want results from your marketing, and you want them fast. But your client isn’t in a hurry. They will buy when they’re ready. So how do you get around this? It’s simple. You build trust with lots of people all at once. How? With content. By posting content where your clients are. It doesn’t […]

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