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Direct Marketing Ideas for Advertising a Small Business
The best ways to advertise a small business aren’t always conventional. In fact, sometimes “outside the box” thinking is exactly what’s required.

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You want results from your marketing, and you want them fast. But your client isn’t in a hurry. They will buy when they’re ready. So how do you get around this? It’s simple. You build trust with lots of people all at once. How? With content. By posting content where your clients are. It doesn’t […]

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I chatted with a client the other week. He was getting lots of leads, but his cashflow was tight. So we did some digging. I asked him to create a spreadsheet of all the proposals he sent out. There was just over $2 million outstanding. I asked him if they were being followed up. He […]

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Think of marketing like a soccer game: Defenders = generating awareness. Midfield = email list / funnel. Strikers = sales process With this in mind, do you know which ‘players’ are letting your business down? And are you tracking the statistics for each of them? Let me elaborate: Defenders: How many visitors did you have […]

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