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Direct Marketing Ideas for Advertising a Small Business
The best ways to advertise a small business aren’t always conventional. In fact, sometimes “outside the box” thinking is exactly what’s required.

Posted by Scott Bywater in Business Development, Coaching, marketing Oct 16th, 2018 | No Comments »

The Tortoise And The Hare Moral The other day one of my coaches said to me: “You know what your problem is Scott, you think too fast.” Then he followed up with: “And if you think that’s a good thing, it’s not.” It got me thinking about the whole hare and the tortoise concept. The […]

Posted by Scott Bywater in Business Development, marketing, Sales, Strategy Sep 15th, 2018 | No Comments »

Hunting elephants, clients who can be worth a six figure sum… what’s the best way to do it? Well, there’s this book called “They Ask, You Answer” by Marcus Sheridan… And in that book, what they discovered was even though the average closing rate in that industry was 10%… If they had read or absorbed […]

Let’s talk about “How to create a marketing priority list.” As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve had a client and their biggest issue has been closing sales at the bottom of the funnel. Yet he was being pulled towards all of these other activities, and it got me thinking. When it comes to marketing “there’s never […]

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