Posted by Scott Bywater in Psychology Sep 23rd, 2011

I hear people talking about the economy all the time, and blaming it for the reason they can’t succeed.

I did the same once, until one of my mentors virtually slapped me in the face and said:

“Maybe it’s not the economy, stupid”

What he was essentially saying is: Maybe it’s you, Bywater. Maybe you’re the one who’s holding yourself back.

And today I’d like you to open yourself up to the same line of thinking and register for this remarkable webinar.

Forget everything you hear in the media. Forget the negative talk and the nonsense about the Global Financial Crisis…

Because right now… you can attract more opportunity and money than you ever imagined.

That’s right. I’m talking about attracting – not creating or developing…

But becoming a magnet for opportunity…


Next Thursday, 29th September at 12pm Sydney time, I’m going to be on a webinar with “The Queen of Prosperity”, Marilyn Jennet, who has been featured on the cover of the Los Angeles Times.

And she’s going to walk you through several breakthrough strategies to transform your business into a springboard for creating unimaginable wealth and eliminate all the ingrained wealth-blocking sabotage patterns that have been holding you back.

To register for this event, just hop along to:

The powerful tips Marilyn will share with you on this webinar go far beyond “positive thinking” or “getting motivated” – and are proven and tested to allow you to earn more by doing less in the world of business. You’ll discover…

  • How to handle SETBACKS
  • A simple mistake almost everyone makes which sabotages your success
  • How change can be created in just TWO WEEKS (and the scientific proof behind this)
  • Why overload and confusion are the biggest obstacles to acquiring and maintaining prosperity (and how to solve this)
  • Why the state of the economy doesn’t matter (and how Marilyn proved this during the recession of the early 90’s and more recently in 2008)
  • Truth is, without this you’ll never be able to truly realise your business potential no matter how many “how to” books you read.

Those “money issues in your head” are affecting everything including your opportunities, your current income, how much you charge, the staff you attract and much, much more.

But the good news is – you can “squash them” fast – and start seeing results in just two weeks.

So make sure you register for this event now, by going to:

You’ll be glad you did.

Scott Bywater

Direct Response Copywriter at Copywriting That Sells
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  1. Theo Georgoulopoulos on September 28, 2011 at 5:03 pm:

    Hi Scott,I enjoy you sharing your knowledge just wondering if you could pin point your advice for my particular business(fast food retail)things are pretty tough at the moment I really need to build customer numbers quickly any suggestions?Thanks..

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