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OK, we are now officially “launched”… and things are pretty crazy at my neck of the woods.

The first hour was pretty hectic and exciting. We were basically receiving an order every 4 ½ minutes when it opened.

Things have started to taper off a little. Good thing too… otherwise the 97 memberships would disappear in less than a day.

Anyway, the opportunity to spend a day with me (for the first 4 gold and 2 silver members) has obviously been snapped up…

But I just thought I’d give you a heads up as one of my valued subscribers, so you didn’t miss out on being one of the first 30.

Just to recap, that bonus is…

The DVD footage of people spending a WHOLE DAY with me.

You see, it’s one thing to read books about copywriting and marketing principles. It’s quite another to see somebody’s ads, headlines, sales letters and marketing strategies…


But you’re going to see a WHOLE day of footage of me doing exactly that on DVD if you are one of the first 30 people to join my Coaching and Mastermind program tomorrow.

Take a moment to think about what this means:

It doesn’t matter if you are struggling to get new customers… get prospects to trust you… generate more sales… structure your business so it runs smoothly without you… generate leads… keep old customers… market your business more effectively via email… write headlines or shorten the sales cycle…

On this DVD series, you are going to see me put on the hot seat working REAL


Business owners who don’t have enough time. Business owners who are short on cash-flow. Business owners who are spending too much time working in their business and not enough time working on their business.

And you’re going to watch me help them solve their problems – faster than they ever dreamed possible.

It really is the fastest way to learn – because you’ll be seeing how all of the strategies

I teach apply to REAL LIFE situations.

Truth is, we’re sitting at about 27 or 28 at the time of this email, so there’s only a few spots available.

As I write this, everyone who has ordered to date is already “in” and amongst the first 30.

However the spots are filling very quickly, so my best guess is that the “positions” will be gone within an hour of sending this email.

Here’s the good news: I got this out later than I expected. And I realise it’s the evening and many of you may not receive this email until you wake up on Thursday…

So I’m going to extend this offer until 11am tomorrow.

Order prior to 11am on Thursday and you’ll receive the full day of DVD footage which I’ll probably end up selling at about $1,000. Order after 11am tomorrow and you won’t.

It’s your call.

Here is the link one last time:

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

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