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Almost everyone hates speed cameras, but it’s hard to argue with
stats like this…
speed camera
Rather than saying “speed cameras save lives”…

By saying 43%, it makes it real because of the

Of course, it would make it far more real if they
backed it up with how they actually collected
the statistics.

But you get the point.

You’ve got to prove everything you say.


“Speed cameras save lives”

And you’ll get a “yeah, sure” response.

Say “I can help you get more customers” and
you’ll get a “yeah sure” response.

But if you can prove it with undeniable facts like this
… it’s pretty hard to have doubt.

What are your customers sceptical about?

One of the best ways to overcome those objections
is with a strong email marketing funnel that addresses
your prospects major objections directly.

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Scott Bywater

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