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When I think of the ultimate business, a unicorn business I think it needs two things:

1. Irresistible Offer
2. Bleeding Neck

That’s right: If you’re solving a big problem which your prospect recognises… and you’re doing it in such a way that your
offer is almost impossible to refuse… you’re sitting on a goldmine.

The question is, where is this in your business?

First, you’ve got to be able to spot the problem. What problems do your prospect have that nobody else is fixing?

Then ask… how can I make this offer almost impossible to say no to?

For instance, lets take the CRM industry.

You ask a whole heap of users, what’s your problem, and you work out there’s a niche in the market.

You design a product around that.

Customers love it.

But then it’s hard to swap.

So you make the offer irresistible.

You design a system where they press a button and everything synchs seamlessly with your software.

Boom, you’ve done it!

And then you charge nothing to swap, or for the first 3 months.

A better solution, for a big problem, with a big payoff.

And ease of swapping, making it an amazing offer.

Dig into your customers. Understand their needs.

That’s where the gold is.

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300 was once an incredible, almost ungettable one day cricket score…

Now it’s average…

Why is that?

Could the introduction of 20/20 pushing the boundaries the trigger?

Think about it: players were forced to score more runs in a shorter period
of time, so they learnt to do things differently.

All of a sudden, they take that to the 50 over game and it’s easy to score faster.

Makes me wonder, could this be done in business?

If we cut our work hours down to 3 days a week… would we learn to get things
done faster and more effectively?

If we cut meetings from 50 minutes down to 20 minutes… would we achieve
a similar result in 2/5 of the time?

If we gave ourselves 2/5th of the budget for a marketing project, would it force
us to be more cost effective?

How could placing constraints on your business force you to get a higher
score (more cashflow) in your business?

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There’s a lot of hype out there these days about likes, etc.

BUT please keep your focus.

And remember, 1 client can be worth 10,000 likes.

That means, look at who your best clients are right now.

Ask yourself…

How did I get them?

What’s working?

And then make a large part of your marketing focus around that.

For instance, some of my best clients in recent times have been through my Linkedin
posts, and people reaching out via that medium.

Therefore I continue to post there.

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