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The other day I was chatting with a marketing friend and we were talking about the
fact there’s so much information out there these days about how…

How to do Google Adwords
How to do Facebook ads.
How to get a top 10 ranking on SEO

But the real question shouldn’t be how… it needs to be should.

What do I mean by that?

It’s really quite simple.

I’ve been reading the “Art of War” recently by Sun Tzu, and one of the things I’ve
realised is that the real art is not firing the gun.

It’s understanding the terrain.

For instance, imagine yourself in a war zone.

You know how to fire a gun (run Facebook ads)…

But you don’t know where your enemy is.

You don’t understand the methodologies and strategies of war.

You don’t understand the area you are in.

Understanding HOW to fire a gun is pretty much useless in this situation… right?

Well, it’s much the same with the HOW online.

You’ve got all of these weapons at your disposal. Different types of artillery including Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Direct Mail, Google Adwords, SEO, content marketing, etc.

Sure, you need to know how to use it.

But more importantly, the real mastery involves knowing when to deploy it, and when to conserve your resources.

That’s the real skill.

And it comes with experience. It comes with deploying hundreds upon hundreds of campaigns and seeing their results.

Seeing what works.

Seeing what flops.

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I read this article the other day, which was super insightful.

It referred to the fact that when this guy left college, and they caught up at various reunions… many people weren’t happy
with where they were at.


Because they chased, chased, chased the dollar.


Because it made them feel like they were achieving something.

Be careful about this.

Having hit 40, I am starting to think more deeply about these kind of things.

And in many ways, workaholism is short term thinking.

What? Are you crazy, Bywater?

Not at all.

Think about it.

You spend time with your kids.

You don’t feel like you’re achieving much.

But 10 years down the track, you’re glad you did.

Likewise with study. Study an hour a day for the next 10 years, and you’ve got 3,650 hours up on your competition.

Likewise with a marketing campaign.

9 might fail. You’re not going anywhere.

But get one to work – and it could set you up.

Be careful chasing short term achievement at the cost of long term satisfaction.

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