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I chatted with a client the other week.

He was getting lots of leads, but his cashflow was tight.

So we did some digging.

I asked him to create a spreadsheet of all the proposals he sent out.

There was just over $2 million outstanding.

I asked him if they were being followed up.

He said no.

I could see the gap.

Later I was talking to a friend who specialises in sales training.

He said:

Some salespeople treat proposals like homework assignments.

They think that’s the end, I’m done.

But really, it’s just the beginning.

How about you?

How many proposals do you have outstanding that need a nudge?

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Following up on my recent post about marketing being a soccer game, I thought you’d find this interesting:

My Linkedin defenders are doing a good job.

How has this happened?


For the past few weeks I’ve been creating a video every single weekday without fail.

Want to see what I’m posting.

Then connect with me here:

And start creating your own videos too. I’ve generated a number of leads, not just profile views from this process, and I’ll share my results with you as the weeks continue.

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Think of marketing like a soccer game:

Defenders = generating awareness.

Midfield = email list / funnel.

Strikers = sales process

With this in mind, do you know which ‘players’ are letting your business down?

And are you tracking the statistics for each of them?

Let me elaborate:

Defenders: How many visitors did you have last month on your website? How many views on your Youtube, Facebook or Linkedin videos? How many people opened your emails?

Midfielders: How many clicked on your emails? How many saw your retargeting ads? How many downloaded your report and joined your email list?

Strikers: How many sales appointments did you get? How many follow up touches did you make to those people in your sales process?

Remember, you can never control how many goals you kick.

But you can manage your players to give yourself the highest odds.

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