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Over the past couple of weeks you’ve probably heard me mention the story about Marcus
Sheridan from the book, They Ask, You Answer.

It refers to the fact he’d get an 80% conversion rate if his client was exposed to 30 or more
of his articles… and then became a lead.


Simple. He had generated familiarity. And as a result of that familiarity, people were more
likely to trust him.

But what if your online systems aren’t set up yet?

What if you need sales sooner, and can’t get a whole content marketing system up and
running fast?

Yes, you want to play the “long game”…

BUT you also need sales this month and next.

How can you use this familiarity?

It’s simple.

Begin creating content regularly…

Send it out to your email list (and then call those who click on the links, or open them)…

Reach out to people on LInkedin who are within your target market, and then use a little plug-in
called to connect via other social platforms. (start liking and sharing their stuff on there,
before reaching out for a direct prospecting call or email).

Create an evergreen webinar. Send people to it from Facebook ads. After people have watched the
webinar, they can subscribe for a consultation.

Get the picture?

This is how you fast-track content marketing…

Because the reason content marketing works is due to familiarity.

Combine in-bound, outbound to give it a faster push.

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