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Ok, so last week I mentioned I’ve cut right back on sugar.

My next mission: Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is a great advertising platform.

But the same thing which makes it a great marketing platform,
also makes it addictive.

Sure, it can be good for crowd sourcing ideas via questions,
staying in front of your peer group and marketplace, and that
sort of thing.

BUT I feel way better when I’m not on it.

Because think about it, there’s an opportunity cost to everything.

And when you’re addicted to your Facebook feed, you’re looking
at content which people have put very little thought into.

Wouldn’t you be better off investing your time into learning
something from someone who has actually invested time and
thought and energy into a book?

Or a thorough course?

Rather than just whittling away the time based on “what are you
thinking right now” status updates?

I think so.

I doubt I’ll quit completely, just like I doubt I’ll quit sugar

But putting limits on it, like sugar only on Sundays… is a great

I’m not sure what mine will be yet. Facebook only between 3 and
5pm on Thursdays? Or between 3 and 5pm any day of the week?

Something like that.

Anyone else feel the same? Anyone else sick of being used by
social media, instead of using it?

Love to get your thoughts.

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A few months ago I went to a dinner and was chatting with a guy who had
given up sugar.

It inspired me, so I decided to give it a go again – quitting it for 2 weeks initially
and then deciding on “Sugar Sundays.”

That’s right, no sugar during the week. Only on Sundays.

And you know what the funny thing is…

It’s easier, in my experience, to keep away from sugar completely… than it is to
have a little bit here and there.

I am about to apply the same thinking to social media.

i.e. social media only to be accessed after 4pm. Or after 4pm on Tuesday and

I find providing these limits really helpful.

In many ways, our monkey mind needs to be trained the same way as a 5 year
old kid.

No… you can’t have sugar except on Sundays.

No… you can’t use social media except after 4pm.

At least for me, it works.

What’s your experience?

Do you agree / disagree?

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Someone sent me an email the other day requesting me to help
him rewrite his ad.

But I didn’t do it.

Not first, anyway.

Instead, I said…

Let’s focus on your email list first.


Because we can test half a dozen offers to his email list, at zero cost,
find out what’s working best…

And then leverage that into an advertisement.

Low risk, high upside.

The message: before advertising cold, consider if it’s a good idea to
test sending an offer to your email list to see if it’s a hot offer.

Then once you’ve tested warm (after all, if it doesn’t test warm, it probably
won’t work cold)… leverage it into cold.

Warm = low hanging fruit.

Cold = leverage and scale.

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