Posted by Scott Bywater in advertising, copywriting Nov 21st, 2011

Poor advertising is everywhere.

But some of the best ads I have written never saw the light of day…


Because they didn’t get used.

They got trounced by their own inhibitions, their wife, their staff, their friends, etc.

Other campaigns have been emasculated…

Softened so it offends nobody…

But also excited nobody.

A word changed here or there.

A change in tonality…

Turning them from powerful into poor advertising.

Here’s the thing: in order to make your ads stand out…

They have to be different.

And to be different…

Sometimes they need to upset somebody.

And that person you upset probably isn’t your ideal customer, anyway.

So who cares?

Here’s my opinion on the way you should communicate with your customers:

With conviction.

With courage.

With honesty.

Be yourself…

Don’t try and please everybody.

I know people like that…

They are so interested in being liked they have no personality.

Better to be like Donald Trump, speak your mind, get noticed and offend a few people.

Than to be like some unknown poncy politician who’s so interested in keep everyone happy that nobody even knows they exist.

Because when you try to keep everyone happy…

You virtually guarantee poor advertising.

Let me ask you…

Do you have the courage to be different?

Do you have the courage to write ads that don’t look like ads?

Do you have the courage to… when you hear the sound of bombs and warfare (your prospects complaining about your ads) to throw caution to the wind and scream…

“Damn the bombs, full speed ahead”

If you do, I can help you get results like this.

If you don’t, please look up ‘advertising agencies’ in Google –

You and I will only drive each other crazy.


Scott Bywater

Direct Response Copywriter at Copywriting That Sells
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  1. Mike on November 21, 2011 at 6:27 pm:

    This is terrific stuff, Scott. It’s hard enough as it is to stand out in a world filled with advertising clutter so why make it harder for yourself by making your advertising simply blend in. Add to that the problem that most companies know more about their products and services than they do about what makes their prospects and clients tick… and it’s easy to see why their advertising fails to get attention and response. As always, you’ve hit the nail on the head with this one. No one was ever bored into buying. Make ’em know you’re a live. Which kid gets the ice cream? The polite child sitting calmly in the back seat or the kid with spunk and personalty that makes you laugh and pleads for your attention then wins you over with an argument you can’t get around without saying “Because I said so!”? Answer this question then go get Scott’s stuff, he’s one of the few guys in Australia that knows what he’s talking about based on real experience.

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