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Most people avoid putting themselves under the gun… and creating stress in their lives in order to get things done.

And I believe you can over do it.

However I also believe most of us as entrepreneurs are guilty of the exact opposite, despite the fact it is one of the key fundamental requirements for success and getting things done.

I think John Carlton put it perfectly when he said:

“Deadlines are the greatest of all inventions for without them, little else would ever be invented.”

And from what I see it’s very true.

When I’ve wanted to launch products in the past, nothing has happened until I bit the bullet and actually set a launch date.

And I notice many seminar promoters will book out a hall before knowing how they are going to fill that seminar.

That action of commitment makes things happen.

So today, make the decision to book the ad space before you know what you’re going to put in there.

Or buy the mailing list you’ve been thinking about purchasing.

Or book out the space for the seminar.

Or commit to a teleseminar bridge line.

Or do whatever you need to do to put yourself under the gun so you’ll take action.

In fact, thinking about this I believe it would be a good idea to give myself one deadline a month… every month… and then make some sort of commitment to ensure I make it happen.

For instance, for the year 2010, let’s look at how any business can do it. Let’s say a chiropractor…

January… run a seminar for your current clients (book a seminar room) February… place an ad in the paper (book the space now) March… start sending out emails to database (get the email software now) April… outsource all of the menial tasks which take up your time (find a virtual assistant to outsource things to do now).

My point is start putting yourself under the gun right away and begin to notice what happens when you start setting deadlines.

And that includes deadlines on strategies for getting more customers –
you can find plenty of ideas to get your head spinning for the next 12 months at

Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

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