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The next week is going to be all about generating rapid revenue.

Before I begin I want to make it clear that I believe playing the long game is the best strategy in business – and strategies like content marketing, SEO, etc. are highly valuable. Likewise with setting up systems and building a team.

But imagine yourself out in the ocean. It’s knocking you around. You can’t breathe. The last thing you want to hear about is why you should quit sugar.

Sure, it’s true.

But unless you fix your immediate problem, sugar doesn’t mean anything.

You’ll drown. Your dead.

Business is no different.

Sometimes you need to play the long game,
forget everything else, and get some money in fast.

And that’s when you need rapid revenue. Here’s what I recommend to start with (more ideas coming in the following week)…

One of the biggest assets in any established business is your email list – because you have established some sort of
relationship with them.

Whether they have just subscribed and received your content, you’ve met them, or they are an existing customer… there is an element of trust.

So here’s what I want you to do:

Take that list.

Pick out all the inquiries who have expressed an interest about your product or service.

Send them an email along the lines of…

SUBJECT: quick question


Are you still looking to YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE


That’s it. Nothing else. Don’t add extra content. Usually I’m a big proponent for long copy, but not in this case. We just want to ask the question and stop.

Ok, let’s see how this applies to a few different industries.

A plumber could say…

Are you still looking to get your drains fixed.

An accountant could say…

Are you still looking for help with your tax?

A mechanic could say…

Are you still looking for help with getting your car fixed?

You get the point, right?

It’s a simple question, you can adapt to any industry.

Then there’s your existing client.

Rather than using this question, you could instead ask.

SUBJECT: quick question


Is there anything I can do for you today?


That’s it. Nothing more.

Try it. See how it works for you. In most cases, this can get an incredible response – more than any other type of email.

The other thing you can try from an email marketing perspective is look at any email campaigns that worked well in the past.

Dig them up.

And roll the dice on them again.

If they worked 12 months ago, in all likelihood they’ll also work well today.

Want more ideas on generating rapid revenue?

Want to know what your rapid revenue rating is?

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Take the rapid revenue quiz to get your exact rating, and discover…

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