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Studies have shown that there is one thing which makes a massive difference to your level of success– whether it be fishing for customers or anything else. Want to guess what it is?

Da Dee Da Dee Da (sorry, just waiting for you to guess 😉

Have you guessed? Good.

Well, here’s the answer: speed of implementation.

And that’s why I have included this “fishing for customers” cartoon in today’s newsletter.

You see, I heard this idea a few days ago.

And today I’m making it happen – and would love to get your thoughts on it.

So what’s the link with this cartoon?

It’s really quite simple.

Most people completely miss the link between a good offer – and a good result from their advertisements.

They try to cheap out on the offer.

They think: how can I offer less?

So if you’re a fish swimming past in the pool of prospects all you see is this tiny little bit of bait with a sharp hook on it.

It’s not very enticing.

I encourage my clients to be as GENEROUS as possible.

For instance, recently I was chatting with a client whose average lifetime value for the type of prospect we were targeting was in excess of $10,000.

I encouraged them to send a $500.00 cheque to get started.

They were concerned – and probably thought I was crazy.

Then I asked: what are your margins?

They had margins of 400%.

Then I explained – this will only cost you $125.

And with an average lifetime client of $10,000 – even if 79 people rip you off and only one lives up to the lifetime value scenario (highly, highly unlikely) you’ll still be at break-even.

And that’s where the tie-in comes to this cartoon.

By making an irresistible offer, you’ll get ALL THE FISH… while your competitor stands right next to you, shakes their head – and wonders how on earth you do it.

Want to find out more about crafting sensational offers when fishing for customers? Then check out pages 28-30, 42, 46, 52, 55-56, 60-61 (a real example of my wedding ring purchase for my wife and what got us over the line) 80-81, 93, 110, 117 and 137-138 (a great example) of my advertising manual.

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