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I am currently reading a book by a guy called Gene Landrum who has studied some of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time.

One of the chapters is about the oil magnate J. Paul Getty and in it he talks about the importance of having the right information. Here is what he had to say…

“I learned that the one who had the most information was the one likely to get the most information in return… after my experiences in Tulsa I knew all the nuts and bolts of the oil industry.”

Let’s look at that quote a little more closely…

“the one who has the most information was the one likely to get the most information in return” … because in my experience, it’s very, very true.

And it’s why you can’t hand everything over to the experts.

It’s also why you should be an ongoing student.

You see, if you go to a web designer and ask them to build you a web site without understanding these secrets you’ll end up with what they want to give you, not something that’s architecture to actually work.

If you go to a mailing list provider and tell them you want to send out a letter without understanding the science of advertising you’re not going to get a very good letter going out – and are unlikely to get the results you desire.

And if you go to a newspaper, magazine or fax streaming company and tell them  you want to advertise without understanding the mechanics of how to actually attract customers the odds are pretty strong you’ll walk away disappointed.

So take the advice of J. Paul Getty.

Get educated. Get informed. Don’t leave it all up to the experts – because the more information you have, the better the questions you’re able to ask – and the more likely you are to achieve your objectives.

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