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Hunting elephants, clients who can be worth a six figure sum… what’s the best way to do it?

Well, there’s this book called “They Ask, You Answer” by Marcus Sheridan…

And in that book, what they discovered was even though the average closing rate in that industry was 10%…

If they had read or absorbed at least 30 or more pieces of content…

It jumped up to 80%.

This is how you build leveraged trust.

For instance, I spoke with a new inquiry the other day and he told me he’d been on my list for about seven years and read 90% of my emails.

So by the time we spoke, we had real trust developed.

And that’s the sort of persistence and follow through you need to have when you’re hunting elephants.

You also want to get very, very clear on your list.

Who do you want to be targeting?

It might be a hundred people, it might be 200 people, it might be more.

Then ask yourself…

“What does this person need to believe in order to buy from me?”

Then seek to instill those beliefs via email, via direct mail, via social media.

Win the trust of the elephant.

Prove you are the best one to solve his problem.

And you won’t need to hunt him down.

He’ll walk over to you and cuddle you with his trunk.

Need help achieving this?

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You want results from your marketing, and you want them fast.

But your client isn’t in a hurry.

They will buy when they’re ready.

So how do you get around this?

It’s simple.

You build trust with lots of people all at once.


With content.

By posting content where your clients are.

It doesn’t matter if they’re hanging out on Linkedin, on your email
List, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Whether you’re using organic or paid content…

You want to be where they are, distributing content which is world
class and cutting edge.

That’s how you get trust.

And once you’ve got trust, then you can reach out directly.

Look at who’s liking and viewing your posts. Look at who’s reading
your emails.

Then either wait until they reach out to you.

Or if you want to speed things up and maximise your results, reach
out to them.

It really is that easy.

Don’t go cold.
Build trust first.

Then go direct.

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