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Some interesting responses to yesterday’s email titled “stupid conversations and the carbon tax”…
Many people loved it…
Others told me to…
Wake Up
Get Educated
That they considered me a very intelligent person and are now questioning that belief

And let me tell you why I’m happy to get this sort of “mixed bag” or responses.

Because it wasn’t a nice, friendly, feel good email – but an email that POLARISES…

Some people hated it and some people LOVED it.

And if you look at most successful radio presenters, they too polarise…

Think about Alan Jones – he has a strong opinion and gets a reaction.
John Laws was the same.

And in America, Bill O’Reilly, who tells you “the spin stops here” but spins and spins and spins – polarises people.

They get reactions.

They let their opinions be known.

Some love it.

Some hate it.

Look at the National Enquirer – it’s been one of the most popular tabloids in America and it polaroids people.

Am I suggesting you should be like any of these people or companies?


But I am suggesting you make your advertising and marketing make people think.

That you develop your own style.

And that you stop being so brain-dead boring like most companies are guilty of.

If you want a head start with this, you can start by clicking here.

And learn how to write controversial copy that POLARISE – get you noticed – and get your readers sending you money for your goods and services.

To see the sort of results you can achieve by writing controversial copy, click here.

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