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Ok, so what can we learn from Lady Gaga when it comes to business.

Let’s list them…

  • She never appears the same way twice…
  • Her over-the-top costumes make her stand out and grab the attention of the media…
  • She is a student of music, fashion and fame. And one of her greatest artworks is “the art of fame”…
  • She is more outrageous than Madonna
  • She has studied others – and made the work her own
  • She has an uplifting mantra of self-empowerment and self-acceptance
  • She shows up to her interview without any clothes
  • She doesn’t see herself as a pop-singer – but as a performer
  • She is a true academic when it comes to fashion and music
  • She has studied the fame of other people – and the sociology of fame
  • She doesn’t lie

… and she’s set to make $100 million this year.

Think there is something you could learn from Lady Gaga when it comes to your business?

If you think no because your business is different, you’re missing the point.

The take aways for all of us are:


And then inspire your customers, be honest, connect…

And of course, put the same dedication Lady Gaga puts into mastering the art of fame, into mastering the art of business.

You can start now by learning the art of attracting more customers.

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