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How to Be More Productive: The Chunking Technique

One of the things I’ve found is that whenever I switch gears to do something…

It takes time and energy to actually get into something and get focused on a
particular task.

So with that in mind, I’ve been using the “chunking method” lately.

First, when creating videos for LInkedin
(follow me at

I used to shoot them individually on the day and it was time consuming to get
the room set, the lighting right think about what I was going to write, etc.

Now we chunk them. We get a whole heap of them done all at once, and we
can knock out 10 in an hour.

I also use it when copywriting.

There are three phases, research, writing and editing.

I won’t do the research and the writing at the same time.

I definitely won’t write and edit at the same time.

So I’ll chunk those tasks individually.

Likewise, with projects…

If I’ve got two projects which are going to take four hours each, if I can and there
are no competing priorities, I’ll do them individually while I’m in that particular

How about you? What’s your best productivity hack?



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